Savanoriai 2017-2018

Labas ! My name is Vagharshak and I'm from Armenia . I am an EVS volunteer here in Siauliai which is the  4th largest city in Lithuania. It's really wonderfull place and if you love nature , interested in learning Lithuanian language or improve your language skills like English or Russian and do volunteering activity ,  then don't hesitate to apply for EVS projects here. Already 3 months that I'm here and day by day I love Lithuania more and more. My project is in logopedic school which is the one in Lithuania. I really enjoy my time here because the people and the children that I work with are very kind  and cheerful. I  already more or less  can understand  Lithuanian language because my little friends  help and want to get in touch with me a lot. I also had 35 hours of Lithuanian language courses here beacause the project provided it. You should be very patient in order to be a  teacher and get in touch with children but If you success, will see that it is worth. The positive energy that children give, you can never find somewhere else and as my beloved mentor  says '' you don't live the same day being a  teacher''.  I also have my own drawing classes here. I teach children how to draw and  in return they teach me Lithuanian language. I'm sure that this 10 months will stay as a good memory in my life and I agree with a proverb ''It's never to late to learn'' .

I'm Tamara, from Georgia, Tbilisi. I'm an actress, about 4 years worked at the theatre. Then I began to study psychology at the Ilia State University. My hobbies are singing, reading, poetry and prose writing.

This summer I saw a statement about EVS  and made a dicision to take part. So, here I am in Lithuania.

 I think I'm lucky because I work with children, I try to help them in everything.I'm trying to learn Lithuanian language from them, sometimes I share Georgian language and alphabet with them.

I think it was right decision to take part in this project. During this time I'll learn many new things. I'll make new friends, create and participate in different interesting projects.